Saturday, January 19, 2013


Hello Hello!

Hope you are all doing well. I decided since I had already painted my nails, I wanted to do something to them. I did a simple chevron design with a gold accent. Hope you like it.

Materials I used. 
Base coat - OPI "Base Coat"
Base color - Essie "Turquoise and Caicas"
Accent color - NYC "French Tip" & CM "Gold"
Top coat - Sally Hansen "UV Top Coat"
Other - Sally Hansen "Nail Art Pen - White"

Step 1. 
Apply a base coat. Wait for this to dry.

Step 2. 
Apply your base color. I used two coats of Essie's "Turquoise and Caicas". Wait for this to dry.

Step 3. 
Using either a dotting tool, toothpick etc create 2 very small dots at the top of your nail. One on the top and one directly below it. This creates the center point of the chevron. You can skip this step if you prefer. It helped me know exactly how far to draw the lines.

Step 4. 
Repeat step 3 to create another chevron further down your nail.

Step 5. 
Using a small brush, draw lines toward the center dots.

Step 6. 
Fill in the lines.

Step 7.
Repeat steps 5 & 6 to create the second chevron. Wait for this to dry.

Step 8. (Optional)
Using a thin brush or nail art paint, create a straight line going through the center of the chevron. Wait for this to dry.

Step 9. 
Apply a top coat.

That's it. It's the simplest chevron design that you can do.

Hope this helps!

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