Tuesday, January 22, 2013

LeCHAT Nail Polish Review

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I finally got around to using my 2 for 1 nail polish I purchased a while back. The nail supply shop I go to has random sales, and I purchased this color on a whim.

So the color I purchased is called LeCHAT, well it's what it says on the lid. I'm hoping its the brand of the polish. When I purchased it the logo had already smeared off on the actual bottle. The color I used was Chocolate 2 Silver Luster.

I personally love this color. Depending on the lighting, the nail polish looks like two different colors. Sometimes the color looks like a silver glittery nail polish. At the same time, in a different light looks like a shiny light purple color. The coverage of the nail polish is awesome. It covered my full nail with just one coat. It wasn't opaque like I thought it was going to be. With the second coat, it gave me the consistency I love with all my polishes.

A benefit of this nail polish is that it dries very quickly. As soon as I finished one hand and started on another, it was already dry. I've never seen a nail polish dry that quickly. When it first dried after the second coat, it came out matte. It's not something I like, but after putting on a clear top coat, it came out the color I really do love.

I think if I had the option, and it's on sale again, I'd definitely buy more of the colors.

The finished product, two coats and a top coat. ->

Hope this helps!

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