Saturday, January 26, 2013

DIY - Organizing Your Nail Polish.

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I've been asked by friends how I keep my nail polish organized, how I know what color the polish looks like etc. So I thought since I explain to them, I'd post a quick entry about it. Hope it helps and you find ideas on how to store your polish as well. I'll be listing all the materials I used at the end.

I know some people like to store their polishes in storage containers, bags, boxes drawers etc. I used to store my nail polish in a storage container till it started to overflow. So I made my own nail rack (I'll be posting a DIY on that later on). I usually keep all my colors in similar shelves just to make everything easier. It usually goes from dark to light.
<--That's what my nail rack looks like.

When I first started purchasing my nail polish, I used to purchase the nail wheel from Sally's Beauty Supply. -->
It's about $5.99 for I think a packet of 10? I can't remember the exact number it comes in. I'd paint every single color on the nail wheel so I'd know what color it was without having to paint mine and erasing it when I didn't like it. 
BUT it started to get expensive! So I tried to think of another cheap alternative to my problem. 
The solution? Using blank labels that I had purchased from the Dollar Tree. I used those stickers a while back for a yard sale and had plenty left. It's actually a good deal, since there's 315 pieces for $1!
What I do with the little circles is paint half of it with just one coat of the polish and on the other half paint it with two coats. You don't have to paint the entire circle so you don't waste the polish. I started painting the entire circle, but it got a little messy when I started peeling it off. Whenever you paint the polish onto the circle, you MUST LET IT COMPLETELY DRY. The reason you need to let it dry is because it can get on your fingers when you go to lift the circle off. 

After painting the circle, I place it on the back of the polish so it's not visible to everyone unless they know where to look. Plus it still shows the name of the polish too. 
I noticed that when I just left it, it started to wear and tear. So I placed a small enough piece of tape to cover the circle. It prevents the polish to wear off when you continuously grab or touch the sticker. Also the tape gives the polish the look of having a clear top coat. This is what it should like in the end. -->

- tape from any store (bought mine at the $1 for a pack of 6 tapes)
- white labels (it doesn't have to be a circle, it's just what I had on hand)
- nail polish color

Hope that helps!

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