Friday, May 4, 2012

Tools that will help you get started...

Hello Hello!

To get started with my blog I decided to have an entry about the nail tools I constantly use on a constant basis. As corny as it sounds I really couldn't have done some of the designs I've done without them.

The first is the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen. I have it in black and white. I bought both of them at CVS for $7.99 each. The black one will be worth your while the white one sucks. It barely shows and you have to go over it about 3-4 times. But this is what I use to draw most of my lines and dots. It's simple and it's like using a pen. This is what the pen looks like in the box, what it looks like without the box, and the actual tip of the pen. I think it's worth the money for a beginner. The lines come out straight forward. You can make the lines thick or thin. Sorry the lines kinda smeared into the paper I drew the lines in ): But that's what they look like.
The second that I'm sure you've seen a lot of is the dotting tool. It's easy and makes perfect circles. HOWEVER, they're expensive as hell. Not worth the money if you ask me. You can make your own dotting tools with things that you have around the house. You can make dotting tools out of old pens (without any ink), toothpicks (my personal preference), bobby pins, and pins stuck into erasers.
With the toothpicks what I do is try to get the tip shaped like a bobby pin tip end. I just roll the toothpick around in some nail polish make it round and let it dry. It'll then create the dots you're looking for. If you want big dots, continuously roll the toothpick into the nail polish until you get your desired circle.
The last tool I use a lot also is the Kiss Nail Art Paint I usually use this to make lines as well. It's a little difficult to use in my opinion compared the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen since you need to have a steady hand and do the stroke in one motion. It's usually cause of this brush that I end up having to redo my nails.

Well that's all the nail tools I use on a daily basis.

Hope that helps!

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